Christmas Floral seamless pattern repeat to be used for art licensing on products. Red Poinsettias and holly on dark green background. Illustrated by Tera Grasser.
Christmas Stocking with soccer ball, teddy bear, soldier, wooden blue car peeking over the stocking opening. The stocking is hanging on a blue wall with light blue stripes. Above the stocks it says Merry Christmas in white lettering.
Orange pumpkin illustration. Words say "You're my pick of the patch". Halloween greeting card on orange background.
Dark haunted castle illustration with dark creepy trees framing it. Under the Castle it says in white littering "Happy Haunting". Halloween greeting card over white envelope on white background.
Red Pirate Parrot standing on a log. Dark Background.
Pirate ship at sea with waves splashing around it. The sea looks turquoise.
Pirate skull with bones crossing behind it. Black background.
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